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Purchase Process Overview
You just want this to be easy. With us, it is.
Step 1 Get pre-qualified or pre-approved
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Apply online or talk with a salary-based loan officer to see what you can afford


You get a pre-qualification letter or approval letter. It makes your offer stronger.


Get a discounted real estate agent if you’re not already working with one.

Step 2 Find a home & send us the contract
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Once you find a home and your offer is accepted, you’ll upload your contract


Your loan officer will review and recommend the best loan for you

Step 3 Upload remaining documents
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You’ll upload things like ID, paystubs, bank statements, etc.


Your loan coordinator will submit your documents for lender review

Step 4 Final to-do’s
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Your lender will complete their review and send us a list of final to-do’s before closing.


Your processor will work with you to finish open to-do’s. We may need more documents from you.

Step 5 Close on time
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A closing specialist will reach out to you to schedule your closing.


On closing day, you’ll bring your ID, sign some documents and be on your way!

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$5,000 Close-on-time Guarantee

Close on time or we write you a check for $5,000.

If your purchase loan application is approved by City Creek Mortgage on the original terms requested, we’re guaranteeing to close your loan by the date stated in the purchase contract. If we don’t close on the date we guaranteed and you meet all eligibility requirements, we’ll write you a check for $5,000.

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The benefits of purchasing with City Creek Mortgage
Salary-Based Loan Officer
Your best mortgage doesn't include high-pressure, high-commission sales people.
No Upfront Fees Ever
Charging for appraisals or credit reports before you close? Nope. Not here.
$5,000 Close on Time Guarantee
No reason to sweat a tight closing deadline. We'll be ready to close on time.
Excellent Communication
Your home is important. We’re avalible about 15 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Low Rates & Closing Costs
We charge less. It really is that simple.
We know what we’re doing
We go above and beyond to create great experiences for our clients, here are some words to prove it.
  • “Thanks for all your work in financing our new home. I know it takes a bit more work and effort to get financing for the self-employed and we are happy that you stuck with us.”
    Benjamin and Nalene Dunkley
  • “City Creek Mortgage and I go back 11 years. Mike and Tobi are the very best at what they do. They are the most honest and hard-working people I know. I challenge anyone to find a better mortgage company than City Creek Mortgage!!!! I could go on and on how fabulous Mike and Tobi are!!!”
    Jodye Miller
  • “I love City Creek Mortgage because Mike was willing to share his time and talent to help Ben and me, even though it was not going to financially benefit him. Sharing his time and talent so willingly will always be fondly remembered and gratefully appreciated!”
    Joani Shaver
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