Utah VA Refinance

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As of June 15, 2024, the rates in Utah are 5.75% (6.601% APR) for a 30-year VA mortgage and 5.75% (5.5% APR) for a 15-year VA loan.

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Utah VA Loan Refinance

Utah boasts a vibrant community of veterans and active-duty military personnel. If you’re one of these brave individuals or a surviving spouse, we’re here to help you understand how VA refinancing can benefit you. Our focus is to provide you with information and services tailored specifically to your needs here in the Beehive State.

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Understanding the VA Loan

VA loans are a unique financial instrument exclusively available for veterans, active-duty servicemen and women, and surviving spouses. Here are the essentials you need to know:

VA Fixed Rate Loan

With a VA fixed-rate loan, there’s no need for a down payment. This significant advantage makes it easier for you to purchase or refinance a home. Furthermore, you can refinance up to 100% of your home’s value. And if you’ve used your VA loan benefits in the past, don’t worry! You can still take advantage of this special program.

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VA Streamline Refinance (IRRRL)

If your payments are up to date on your current VA loan—with no more than one 30-day late payment in the past 12 months—you can qualify for a VA Streamline Refinance, also known as the Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL). This refinancing process is simple, enabling you to lower your interest rate to today’s competitive rates swiftly. Plus, closing costs can be incorporated into your loan amount.

Eligibility for VA Loans

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides various programs to support

  • Veterans
  • Active duty service members
  • National Guard members
  • Reservists

and their families in Utah.

Eligibility for a VA loan depends on several conditions, including:

  • You served a minimum of 90 consecutive days during wartime
  • You served a minimum of 181 days during peacetime
  • You served in the National Guard or the Reserves for more than six years
  • Your spouse, who was a service member, died in the line of duty or from a service-related disability

Even if you fulfill one or multiple of these conditions, final loan eligibility is determined by the VA. If you’re unsure if you qualify, we’d still encourage you to still apply. We’ll help assess your eligibility and help your navigate what can sometimes be a complex application process.

Benefits of VA Loan Refinance

A VA loan brings a host of advantages to veterans and their families in Utah:

Refinancing your VA loan offers numerous advantages for veterans and their families in Utah:

  • Lower Interest Rates: VA loan refinancing typically allows you to secure lower interest rates compared to conventional loans, reducing your monthly payments and saving you money over time.
  • Convert from Adjustable to Fixed Rate: Refinancing gives you the opportunity to convert your existing VA loan from an adjustable-rate to a fixed-rate mortgage, providing stability in your monthly payments.
  • Flexible Credit Requirements: VA loan refinancing has more relaxed credit requirements than conventional refinancing options, making it more accessible for veterans who’ve had credit challenges.
  • Finance Closing Costs: With a VA loan refinance, you have the option to roll the closing costs into the loan amount, helping you avoid out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Cash-Out Option: The VA’s Cash-Out Refinance Loan allows you to take cash out of your home equity to pay off debt, make home improvements, or take care of other needs.
  • Streamlined Process: With the VA’s Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL), you can refinance quickly and easily with no appraisal or credit underwriting package. It’s an excellent option if you’re current on your mortgage and want to lower your interest rate.

By refinancing your VA loan, you can take advantage of these benefits and adjust your mortgage to better fit your current needs and future financial goals.

Utah-specific VA Loan Benefits

In Utah, as a veteran or active-duty military personnel, you can take advantage of unique VA loan benefits such as:

Utah VA County Loan Limits

Utah counties have specific VA loan limits, which can impact the loan amount you qualify for.

Utah State Veterans Benefits

Along with the federal benefits, Utah offers additional benefits for veterans, including education, employment, housing, and health care assistance.

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With all these benefits at your disposal, a VA loan can make homeownership a reality for you in Utah. To discuss your eligibility and explore the opportunities awaiting you, contact City Creek Mortgage today.

VA Refinance FAQ

How difficult is it to get a VA refinance loan? Getting a VA refinance loan isn’t overly difficult, especially if you’re already a VA loan holder. You’ll still need to meet credit and income requirements, but they are typically more relaxed compared to conventional loan standards. This is where working with a knowledgeable broker can make the process smoother. Contact us today!

How long does underwriting take for a VA refinance? The underwriting process for a VA refinance can vary depending on your lender and your own individual circumstances. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. An efficient lender and timely submission of required documents can speed up the process.

What are the closing costs for a VA refinance? Closing costs for a VA refinance can vary based on the specifics of your loan, but they typically range between 1% – 3% of the loan amount. The good news is, with a VA refinance, you can often roll these costs into the loan amount, which helps you avoid up-front out-of-pocket expenses.

Why choose a VA refinance loan over a conventional refinance loan? A VA refinance loan offers several benefits over a conventional refinance loan. These include typically lower interest rates, more relaxed credit requirements, the ability to finance closing costs, and options for cash-out refinance or a streamlined refinance process with the IRRRL.

What does 3rd party settlement mean in VA refinance? A 3rd party settlement in a VA refinance refers to a process where an independent party, not the borrower or lender, manages the closing of the loan. This can include tasks such as preparing closing documents, calculating final costs, and facilitating the transaction.

What is a conditional approval on a VA refinance? A conditional approval on a VA refinance means the lender is generally willing to approve your loan, but there are specific conditions or requirements that must be met before final approval. This could include additional documentation, appraisal requirements, or resolution of certain financial or property-related issues.

​​What documents do I need for a VA refinance? The documentation needed for a VA refinance can vary, but generally, you’ll need to provide your current mortgage statements, recent pay stubs, W-2s or other proof of income, bank statements, and a valid government-issued ID. If you’re applying for a VA Streamline Refinance (IRRRL), the paperwork might be more minimal. Consult with your lender for a detailed list based on your unique situation.


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