Avoid the "Preferred Lender" and save thousands

With no upfront fees, some of the lowest rates available, and a salary-based team working 7 days a week, you’ll save money and time.

  • No personal information required
  • No upfront deposit for appraisal or credit report required
  • Expect to save money
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The typical home-buying process is broken
You're afraid you won't close on time
You're afraid you won't close on time
Your wondering if your agent's
Your wondering if your agent's "preferred lender" is giving you the best deal
You just want to close and move in
You just want to close and move in
You're not confident you'll qualify
You're not confident you'll qualify
You're concerned you'll pay THOUSANDS more than you should
You're concerned you'll pay THOUSANDS more than you should
You don't know... what you don't know
You don't know... what you don't know
Salary-Based Loan Officer
Salary-Based Loan Officer
You deserve better. Which is why we've built an easy home-buying experience to close you quickly and save you money.

Quotes "They offered me the best rates out of 5 mortgage companies that I looked at. They guided me through the whole process and were available with any questions that I had. Most of all, they were so quick and efficient. If it weren’t for the tenant still in the house, we would’ve closed weeks sooner than expected. Highly recommend!!! I’ll be going with them when I purchase again."
Victoria N
Purchase Process Overview
5 Easy Steps to Save & Close Happy
Step 1 Get pre-qualified or pre-approved
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Apply online or talk with a salary-based loan officer to see what you can afford


You get a pre-qualification letter or approval letter. It makes your offer stronger.


Get a discounted real estate agent if you’re not already working with one.

Step 2 Find a home & send us the contract
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Once you find a home and your offer is accepted, you’ll upload your contract


Your loan officer will review and recommend the best loan for you

Step 3 Upload remaining documents
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You’ll upload things like ID, paystubs, bank statements, etc.


Your loan coordinator will submit your documents for lender review

Step 4 Final to-do’s
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Your lender will complete their review and send us a list of final to-do’s before closing.


Your processor will work with you to finish open to-do’s. We may need more documents from you.

Step 5 Close on time
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A closing specialist will reach out to you to schedule your closing.


On closing day, you’ll bring your ID, sign some documents and be on your way!

Closing on Time
$5,000 Guarantee
Close on time or we pay you $5,000. No joke!
Don’t want to miss that closing date? We get it! We guarantee to close your loan by the date stated in your contract. If we don’t, we’ll write you a check for $5,000.*
Why buy a home with anyone else?
City Creek Mortgage Preferred Lender
$5000 Close-on-time Guarantee for Purchases $5000 Close-on-time Guarantee for Purchases
Amazingly low rates Amazingly low rates
Open 7 days a week Open 7 days a week
No conflict of interest with the builder No conflict of interest with the builder
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Google with thousands of reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  Google with thousands of reviews
Salary-based loan officers that save you money Salary-based loan officers that save you money
Get a City Creek Partner Agent
Are you currently working with a real estate agent you love?
Let’s Get Started
Great! Let's get you introduced to a City Creek approved agent who we would refer to our own family.
Let’s Get Started
Perfect! They want you to close on time. Let your agent know we've put our money where our mouth is with our $5,000 close on time guarantee.
Let's get you that
pre-qualification letter
Tools & Quick Answers
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"This was probably the easiest process I have ever been through. I called around to compare all the rates and fees for a mortgage refinance and city Creek was by far the lowest on all accounts. I will definitely be using them for my next home loan too. All the staff was friendly and knew where to direct me when I had questions. The process actually happened extremely quick . No regrets here."
Matthey R
Cashout Refi in Saratoga Springs, UT
What’s in it for me? Why should I choose City Creek?
Step 1
Salary-Based Loan Officers
Your best mortgage doesn't include high-pressure, high-commission sales people.
Step 2
No Upfront Fees Ever.
Charging for appraisals or credit reports before you close? Nope. Not here.
Step 3
$5,000 Purchase Close-On-Time Guarantee
No reason to sweat a tight closing deadline. We'll be ready to close on time.
Step 4
Low Rates & Closing Costs
We charge less. It really is that simple.
Helping Each Other
Frequently Asked Questions
Of course you have questions about buying a home. Let’s get you answers.
open question How much will my closing costs be?
We believe in transparency.  It depends on a few factors, like credit score, loan amount, and location.  You can see an estimated closing cost using our Find Your Best Rate Tool.  All without entering any personal information. Find Your Best Rate
open question Why isn’t my question here?
That’s a great question.  Whatever your question is, we can find an answer to it. Chat with Us >
open question Is it really possible to do a loan without having to pay closing costs?
YES! It is possible, and it can save you money. How No Cost Loans Work
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