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Each and everyday that we turn on the TV we receive updates of the horrible situation that continues to unfold in Haiti. The rescue effort continues to surge forward in efforts to find lost children, husbands, wives, and loved ones. Miracles continue to happen as weeks after the devastation bodies are being pulled from the rubble ALIVE! As we continue to watch and pray for this devastated nation our hearts go out to all of those still searching to find peace and safety.

We know that many of you have already donated to help the rescue efforts in Haiti. Whether through local churches, humanitarian centers, and other organizations that are striving to relieve some of the pain and suffering. City Creek Cares has already donated to help the cause and encourages you to do the same. Below is a list of credible organizations that you can donate to, to assist the rescue efforts. Please share these links with your family, friends and neighbors to spread the need for help to this small island nation.

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