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In addition to providing you with sound mortgage advice, every now and again we’d like to share with you raving reviews of products that have made our lives and this website work and thrive. We hope you enjoy!

We’ll begin with WordPress, what a phenomenal product! If you’ve never heard of WordPress, you’ve been missing out. We first started using WordPress on our very first blog and quickly decided to roll it over to our website. If you want to get a taste of what WordPress is like go to www.wordpress.com and get yourself a FREE blog and check it out.

If you are some what familiar with WordPress and have been considering turning your traditional website into a blog, WordPress is a great platform to use. (Visit www.wordpress.org to download the FREE files you will need.) The Dashboard is extremely user friendly and all the endless widgets you can add are simply amazing. We discover new things everyday! Enough about WordPress, I hope I’ve sparked your interest enough to check it out online.

Secondly, when we started using WordPress, before switching it over to our website, we got frustrated with the limited options we had with the WordPress themes. We wanted a completely customizable theme that we could basically do anything with. Granted we had no website designing skills or any know how to write web code, which essentially builds the look and feel of a website.

Our backs were up against the wall. To have a custom website built was going to cost a pretty penny. That is when we discovered Artisteer. The price was very reasonable and the ability to create, design, and upload custom themes was worth every penny. The best part was you didn’t have to know or write any code. You can customize just about everything, and when I say everything, we aren’t joking. Right down to the very font, size, and color. Simply put: a great product! Find out for yourself at www.artisteer.com

So………what does this have to do with YOU?

If you or someone you know has been considering a new website design for your small business or blog, consider WordPress and Artisteer. It’ll save you money and time and allow you to administer your site/blog with ease. Another way that we are striving to help You live life better!

If have any questions regarding these two amazing products, feel free to contact us at 801-501-7950 and ask for Brad.

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