In The Life Of Mike

One of my passions in life is studying people and businesses to learn what makes them unique, valuable and successful. I recently had the privilege of visiting Zappos in Las Vegas. Not only did I tour their corporate offices and hear from Tony Hseih (CEO of Zappos), but I also had the privilege of touring his home as well and discover what drives him personally. What I learned surprised me. They have values and an overall culture that are unlike any I have heard of before. For example:

1.They do life together. Zappos leases a large portion of a high-rise condominium building where many Zappos employees live (including the CEO). They believe that the stronger their relationships are, both personally and professionally, the more successful they will be.

2.Their company’s culture is the most valuable asset they have and they pay people that don’t fit to find another company to work for.

3.Above all, they are not a shoe company; they are a customer service company that happens to sell shoes.

Each of these core values has shaped Zappos into the amazing company that it is today and I have found these values to be just as relevant to me in my personal life as they are in my business perspective. Their unique approach to blending life with business is one of the many reasons Zappos has been so successful and has been recognized as one of the most desirable companies to work for.

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