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The Most Valuable 15 Minutes

For most people, a mortgage is the largest debt they will carry. However, few homeowners have a mortgageprofessional continually monitoring their mortgage against the market, and making suggestions as to when it is wise to make a change. As a result, too many people pay more than they should for the debts they carry.

Why Work with a Certified mortgage Advisor?

As a Certified mortgage Advisor, my role is to ensure that my clients are in proper and responsible mortgages. With the massive amount of mortgage misrepresentation lately, it is more important than ever to ensure you are in the right loan. For many, their misunderstandings of the terms of their loans have led to a loss of equity in their homes. Sadly, others found themselves in situations where they were no longer able to keep their homes.

Another fundamental role I play is managing the debt and equity portion of my clients’ balance sheets. Many families have a financial planner to manage their cash and investment assets. However, few families have a mortgage planner watching over the equity they have in real estate, as well as mortgage and consumer debts they carry. A comprehensive balance sheet management plan helps keep people on track to accomplish their long term financial goals and objectives.

The Process of a mortgage Review

My team and I make the process of a mortgage review quick and simple. We start with a 15 minute phone conversation where we gather the information we need to analyze your mortgage. This will include residence history, employment history, income, assets, etc. Once we have the information, we will do a credit check. We then analyze the information and put our recommendations together to review with you.

When to have a mortgage Review

There has never been a better time than now to have a mortgage review. mortgage rates have been at historic lows. However, the party will soon be over. The primary driving force of low rates has been the Federal Reserve’s mortgageBacked Securities Purchase Program. The Fed allocated $1.25 trillion to buy up mortgage bonds. The Fed has purchase to date in excess of $950 billion, and have set March 31, 2010 as the date this program will expire. This means that the Fed will be averaging about $14 billion a week in purchases, which is a lot less than the $25 billion they have been buying each week until recently. Anytime the demand for an item slows down, the price will go down. In this case, it means that mortgage rates will move higher. I anticipate a progressive increase from now until the end of the program next March.

How to Arrange Your mortgage Review

You can contact me by calling 801-501-7950 or by email We would love the opportunity to review your situation and determine if you are currently on the right course with your mortgage, or if a change should be made. We are able to serve clients needing to refinance, purchase, or with reverse mortgage loans. Please call us for an initial 15 minute phone conversation and your no-cost mortgage Review.

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