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Pick Up Your Weapon and Fight

Many of us have learned tremendous lessons from this recession. It is often through our most painful experiences that we grow the most. This is the time for all of us to take action and commit to make things right in our finances so that we are better prepared if this happens again. I know that for me personally, I have discovered areas of financial risk that I will never allow myself to be as vulnerable to again.

The past couple years have been extremely difficult for many of my clients. Between job losses, investment losses, home value losses, and loss of overall financial stability, I think it is about time we see some improvement. Just so happens that lately we have seen signs of recovery.

Economic indicators have been increasingly suggesting that we finally found the bottom, and we have started the long process of recovery. Although the extreme loss of wealth, combined with increased government regulations and taxes will make the recovery process more difficult, we may officially be out of this recession as early as the first quarter of next year. This is great news for homeowners! As we see stronger demand for housing, we should also see our home values stablize, and hopefully increase.

As for the mortgage industry (and my business), it has been quite a rollercoaster the past few months, with mortgageinterest rates swinging widly from week to week. As economic conditions continue to improve, we are forecastingmortgage rates to increase in the near future, and feel that we may be in for a much higher rate environment soon. (If you have already locked in a historically low rate, you made a wise decision. If you are still waiting, now is the time to act.)

Moving forward, my team and I are going to focus on helping our clients be financially empowered, and have more stability. This will include education on mortgage and housing, as well as financial planning, estate planning, insurance planning, and tax planning. As part of this, we will be inviting some of our financial partners to write articles that are relevant to their areas of expertise. We work with some of the best financial professionals in the valley, and are excited to have them share their wealth of knowledge with us.

I personally understand the challenges this economy creates, and I honor each of you who have faced significant hardship. One key thing to remember is that we all have the power within to sustain and recover. The human will and spirit are two of the most powerful forces. Just when we think we don’t have any fight left in us, somewhere we find a new gear, and the strength to keep going. With that, PICK UP YOUR WEAPON and continue the fight!

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