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You can hardly go out to dinner these days without overhearing someone talk about crypto currencies.
It reminds me of 2007 when 20-year-old waiters at restaurants would brag about how many rental
proper ties they owned. It seemed that everyone was jumping in.
Although I am in no way saying crypto currencies are set to mirror the housing market crash, I know
there are a lot of inexperienced emotional investors in Bitcoin that contribute to making it a risky
investment. For strong investors with the stomach to handle the ups and downs, this could prove to
be a winning play.
There is really no way to accurately predict the longevity of Bitcoin. Many speculate it will be a
currency replacement for struggling economies in the world. With the global reach of Bitcoin, that
may be the case. On the other hand, it could become the target of government regulator s who fear
losing power and cause Bitcoin to lose a large portion of its value.
Overall, I believe Bitcoin investments come with a high level of risk. Someone making such an investment
should be prepared to lose it all. If an investment made reflects 3% of an investors liquid asset, it’s a
fun, high-risk opportunity. However, I don’t suggest mortgaging your home to buy Bitcoin.


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