12 Decision Points to Financial Freedom

Many families live under the pressure of financial pain on a daily basis. Regardless of the source of that pain, financial peace begins with making decisions. On this note, we have identified 12 Decision Points that we coach our clients on to help them through the process. As is true in most areas of life, once a plan is established, the pain begins to dissipate. It is faith in the future that creates power in the present.

As you review the Decision Points listed below, consider the areas in which you feel pain.

For many, it is the top three areas that are the day to day challenges relating to cash flow management and living paycheck to paycheck. For others, it may be that, like most Americans, they are not on track to retire comfortably.

Regardless of where you are, at City Creek Mortgage, we are committed to helping you make decisions that will allow you to feel at peace with your financial situation.

  1. Have a Budget
  2. Develop a Cash Reserve
  3. Eliminate Consumer Debts
  4. Create a Retirement Plan / College Funding Plan
  5. Create a Mortgage Strategy
  6. Credit and Identity Protection / Credit Repair
  7. Create a Tax Strategy
  8. Create a Real Estate Management Plan
  9. Protect your Assets with Property & Casualty Insurance
  10. Protect your Family with Life & Disability Insurance
  11. Create a Will and Plan for your Estate
  12. Legacy Planning – Dreams and Goals

For many families, the key to successfully creating a plan to progress financially begins with having someone to help walk them through the steps and provide encouragement, advice, tools and support. We have Financial Coaches that work with our clients at no cost while we are closing their mortgage. As a client of City Creek Mortgage, we can help walk you through the process to help you get on track in each area of importance.

Your mortgage is just one of many financial decisions that will determine your ideal future. I assure you that it is not just a loan, but a tool to either help or hinder your ability to realize your dreams.

At City Creek Mortgage, we take this responsibility seriously. We strive to not only structure a customized loan scenario to your unique needs, but for those seeking advice in the other areas, we will help you successfully navigate the other 11 financial decision points in your life

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