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Is It Time For A Mortgage Review?

For most people, a mortgage is the largest debt they will carry in their lifetime. However, few homeowners have amortgage professional continually monitoring their mortgage against the market and making suggestions as to when it is wise to make a change. As a result, too many people pay more interest than they should, which can accumulate into a substantial loss over time.

Why Work with a Certified mortgage Advisor?

As a Certified mortgage Advisor, my role is to ensure that my clients are in proper and responsible mortgages. With the massive amount of mortgage misrepresentation that has occurred in recent years, it is more important than ever to make sure you are in the right loan. For many, the misunderstanding of the terms of their loan has led to a loss of equity in their home. Sadly, some have found themselves in situations where they were no longer able to maintain their adjustable rate payments and subsequently even lost their homes. It is my goal to ensure that my clients never find themselves in this situation.

Another fundamental role I play is managing the debt and equity portion of my clients’ balance sheets. Many families have a financial planner to manage their cash and investment assets. However, few families have a mortgage planner watching over the equity in what may be their #1 asset, their home. A comprehensive balance sheet management plan that includes their mortgage and consumer debts helps keep people on track to accomplish their long term financial goals and objectives.

The Process of a mortgage Review

My team and I make the process of a mortgage review quick and simple. We start with a 15 minute phone conversation where we gather the information we need to analyze your current situation. This will include residence history, employment history, income, assets, etc. Once we have the information, we will do a credit check to ensure we are as accurate as possible with interest rate projections. We then analyze the information and put our recommendations together to review with you.

When is the Right Time for a mortgage Review?

There has never been a better time than now to have a mortgage review. mortgage rates have been at historic lows. However, the low interest rate environment we have grown accustomed to will not last forever. Even if you haveRefinanced in the most recent 12 months, there may be an opportunity to reduce the interest rate again without increasing your mortgage balance with a no-cost loan. This is a loan that is standard at City Creek mortgage where all the closing costs are credited back to you, making the loan essentially free.

How to Arrange for your Free mortgage Review

If you are wondering what interest rates are currently available, we have a new “do it yourself” feature on our website. Visit and click on the “Price your Loan” tab. After answering a few simple questions, you will see the different interest rate and fee options available. If the fee shows $0 or a negative number, that loan does not have any closing fees that you pay.

To schedule a no fee mortgage review, call me at (801) 501-7950 or e-mail me at I look forward to the opportunity to review your situation and determine if you are currently on the right course with your mortgage, or if a change would benefit you

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