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Breaking up with your current lender

From actual City Creek Mortgage clients



“Breaking up with your lender. Actually, starting a mortgage with somebody and then going to another lender, that’s super hard to do. It is painful because you have to tell everybody. You have to tell your real estate agent, you have to tell the mortgage company, and you feel really bad because they’ve already worked on it.

We actually had a really bad experience once, where we were expecting a certain rate and we went into our closing and they told us the rate was higher. It was different than we expected, when we walked in and even then, we’re afraid to change. Yeah we didn’t do anything about it so we just left it alone and we went to a higher rate. We had a higher rate for a number of years, where we should have said something right then but we didn’t because we didn’t want to offend somebody. We didn’t want to upset the cycle.”


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