Another credit check?

From actual City Creek Mortgage clients



“So when I hear somebody say that we have to do a credit check and I’m in the middle of getting my mortgage if I’m shopping my mortgage I just heard from my people that I am already working with the mortgage company I’m already working with I have heard that I cannot do anything to mess up my credit rating otherwise I might not get the home I want and if I’m going to shop a mortgage and they knew do another credit check does that mean doesn’t that mess up my credit right cuz doing I’ve always heard that doing a credit check dear is a tricking me yeah does it they tricking me to not go shot my mortgage right that’s a great question because i would i would rather shop the mortgage if i can but if it does hurt my credit to do that out my team no cuz i don’t want to lose my dream house I don’t want to lose my home yep over over just checking and shopping you”


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