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“Okay so this one’s kind of my hot button. I paid three to five hundred dollars, whatever it is for an appraisal, and that’s been done and it’s all good and then if I start shopping for another mortgage, I start asking another lender, we have to pay for an appraisal again. I know. Again it’s just another cost and you’re trying to move and there’s everybody wants your money, everybody on a new home, we were thinking, I mean for us, that’s one blind is three hundred dollars.

So I mean the stuff of a new home, you start adding up all the costs and then you’ve got that $300 appraisal and what if the other mortgage company starts down the appraisal road and you want to stay with the one you had and then you just wasted three hundred more dollars. I hate that. I don’t even want to try it half the time. So that, I don’t wanna lose my money either and that has been a big barrier, it’s a stopper.”


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