In the Life of Mike – DAWGZ!

Meet the newest addition to our household.
This is Kodiak (Kodi), a fun loving Siberian
Husky / Alaskan Malamute mix with one blue
and one brown/blue eye.
Honestly, another dog wasn’t on our radar
(we already have 2), however, when we heard
there was a puppy whose family was transferred
to St. George and couldn’t take him with them,
we stepped in to help.
As a natural snow dog, Kodi LOVES the cold.
Mikaela and her friends took him snowshoeing
and he had the time of his life. He likes to
spend time outside, which is completely opposite
of our other two dogs. And now that we have
learned about the Dog Park in Draper, you can
find us there on a regular basis. It’s like Disneyland
for Dogs.
Who would have guessed that as soon as we
became empty nesters we would expand our
family! LOL!

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