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Our Push to $1 Billion

Our High volume / LOW COST approach made us the #1 Team in UTAH in 2020 and the #3 Team in the Nation. At the center of our goal to close 1 Billion in 2020 is our companies mission. Our mission is to drive down the cost of a mortgage so we can pass the savings on to our customers. We believe hard working families have better things to spend their money on than a mortgage. 

Over our 23 years in business, the factors that have separated us from our competition are our Salary-Based Loan Officers, our high-volume business model, and the fact that we are one team. 

Before mortgage, Tobi and I worked in construction and often with first time home buyers. We could not believe how much a loan officer charged our buyers to originate a loan. We set out to lower the price and one of the first pivots we made was to hire Salary-Based Loan Officers opposed to the high-commissioned loan officers that the rest of the industry hires. Having Salary based loan officers meant that instead of spending so much of their time searching for new business, we were able to let them service the business that City Creek generated – saving a ton of time and money. 

But most importantly, it helped accomplish our mission of saving our hard-working customers money.

One of our five core values is continuous improvement. The best thing that a new person on our team can do is break our system. Our entire team searches for any way to save a few minutes in our process, allowing us to do more loans and charge our clients less.

Lastly, City Creek Mortgage is one team – we are all rowing in the same direction. Many large mortgage companies are made up of many different teams with different goals, different systems and competing against the team in the next room. We believe that our model encourages innovation while the traditional model stifles it and allows us to keep our customers best interest in mind. Us rowing in the same direction allowed us to hit our billion-dollar goal. But most importantly, it helped accomplish our mission of saving our hard-working customers money. 

“With our amazing clients, new team members, improved systems, and commitment to our company’s values; we were able to hit that milestone on December 31st of 2020!”

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