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Avoid these mistakes to make your mortgage experience go as smoothly as possible.

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Save thousands by knowing how rates and closing costs affect each other.

Shopping your Mortgage

Many mortgage companies fear that their clients will shop around – we encourage ours to.

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There’s no substitute for a good working knowledge of your finances.

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Mortgage Strategies / 16.07.2016

A mortgage payment is similar to a rent payment, but there are differences. Both represent the amount you pay for your housing needs and are a significant part of your monthly budget. A mortgage is preferable in that it finances an important asset, but you...

Mortgage Strategies / 01.07.2016

Overextending your budget is a mistake new homeowners often make. While your mortgage broker helps you to secure a source of lending, you worked hard to save for the down payment. What many do not realize is that you still need to keep saving money...