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Mortgage Tips / 15.02.2017

Veterans who serve our country deserve to have plenty given back to them for their service, and the mortgage industry helps lead the charge. A VA loan, reserved just for veterans or certain active service members, is a loan program with several highly beneficial elements...

Mortgage 101 / 15.12.2016

As anyone who has been through the mortgage process for buying or refinancing a home can tell you, one of the simplest decisions in the process is also often one of the hardest: The choice between adjustable-rate loans and fixed-rate loans. This decision may seem relatively...

Mortgage 101 / 01.12.2016

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on a mortgage for a new home or a home refinance. Everything from credit score to money down to equity can be an important consideration, and as they say, the devil is in the details. One...

City Creek Mortgage News / 15.10.2016

Veterans have distinctive needs and requirements that are different from civilians. Is your mortgage company veteran-friendly? If not, they need to be accommodating to veterans respectfully and effectively. Here are some reasons your company should be veteran-friendly: Veterans Have Different Needs Typically, veterans have different and unique needs...