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Lending a Hand / 07.03.2018

City Creek Mortgage was recently introduced to the foundation, Cars 4 Kids, created by Luxe Auto Spa. We experienced an unforgettable 3-day drive through the back roads of Utah’s breathtaking scener y and meeting some of the most generous people ever. This drive ended at The Ronald McDonald...

Personal Finance / 19.02.2018

You can hardly go out to dinner these days without overhearing someone talk about crypto currencies. It reminds me of 2007 when 20-year-old waiters at restaurants would brag about how many rental proper ties they owned. It seemed that everyone was jumping in. Although I am in no...

City Creek Mortgage News / 06.02.2018

With the Tax Reform bill now signed into law, many homeowners will find that this important piece of legislation restricts some of the benefits they have enjoyed from owning a home. Although the impact will mainly hit the higher end of the housing market, there are some...

Mortgage Tips / 15.01.2018

At City Creek Mortgage, it’s our mission to get you the best mortgage rate as you search for your home. Especially for first-time buyers looking to become homeowners, this is a vital consideration. Why should you want to become a homeowner? There are numerous benefits, from...

Mortgage 101 / 15.10.2017

As a top mortgage company in Utah, we at City Creek Mortgage are here to both help and inform. The mortgage world can be complex, with a number of terms often thrown around that can be confusing to some people. One such term is mortgage “points,”...