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Mortgage 101 / 15.05.2018

First-Time Homebuying Misconceptions   The homebuying world is exciting, but it can also be complex and somewhat imposing for first-time homebuyers. At City Creek Mortgage, we’re here to make everything as simple as possible for you as you go through the mortgage loan and home search process. Unfortunately,...

Mortgage Tips / 15.05.2018

If you’re looking to buy a home but have less than perfect credit or lack the cash for a down payment, an FHA loan might be a perfect choice for you. Backed by the Federal Housing Administration, an FHA loan is a type of mortgage...

City Creek Mortgage News / 04.04.2018

When you receive a mortgage loan from a reputable mortgage company like City Creek Mortgage, an important part of the process will be underwriting. During this process, the underwriter might ask for what’s called a letter of explanation, or LOE. Some potential borrowers panic when they...

Mortgage 101 / 04.04.2018

When it comes to a new mortgage loan, the down payment amount is often the largest financial concern for many buyers. This lump sum, paid up front as a percentage of the principal loan amount, can be a struggle for many buyers to come up...

Mortgage 101 / 04.04.2018

For many people, especially first time homebuyers, the process of obtaining a mortgage loan may seem daunting. While the process is actually simpler than you might think, it’s common for the raw scope of it all to be a bit intimidating. At City Creek Mortgage, we’re...

Lending a Hand / 15.03.2018

  Our Chief Heart Officer, Jamie Norris, introduced the City Creek family to cooking meals for those living at The Ronald McDonald House. This is a home where families are invited to stay while one of them is receiving treatment for a life-threatening illness. The Ronald McDonald House...

City Creek Mortgage News / 09.03.2018

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) Jobs Report came in way stronger than expected. While the market was looking for 205,000 new job creations, the actual figure came in at a whopping 313,000. In addition, the prior two month’s reports were revised higher by a...