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Personal Finance / 11.11.2009

Many of us have learned tremendous lessons from this recession. It is often through our most painful experiences that we grow the most. This is the time for all of us to take action and commit to make things right in our finances so that...

Personal Finance / 11.11.2009

Why is it that many feel they will forever struggle financially? Why is it that most feel they need an extra 10% or more income each month just to meet their monthly obligations? How did they survive when they made 10% less? The answer is...

Personal Finance / 11.11.2009

For most people, a mortgage is the largest debt they will carry. However, few homeowners have a mortgageprofessional continually monitoring their mortgage against the market, and making suggestions as to when it is wise to make a change. As a result, too many people pay more than they should for...

City Creek Mortgage News / 30.10.2009

For years our clients have been calling us when they need a trusted referral to a variety of industries. We have always considered this an honor and have recently decided to more formally make you aware of the professionals services that you have available through...