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Mortgage Tips / 10.09.2013

Mortgage brokers have many advantages they offer their clients which borrowers do not receive when working with a traditional bank.  Although there are many more, two of the greatest benefits of working with a broker are:  1.) they have access to lower interest rates and...

Mortgage Mistakes / 26.08.2013

Markets opened to a weaker than expected Durable Goods report that was already forecasted as a low target.  -7.3% was the reading, dropping below the -5.0% expected.  This adds weight to the other recent disappointing reports of last week, like higher Initial Jobless Claims and...

Raving Fans / 20.08.2013

Penny and I just wanted to tell the City Creek team how pleased we are with the way you handled our request for a re-finance. Your attention to detail made that process go as smoothly as possible. Even though I was beginning to lose confidence...

Uncategorized / 12.08.2013

One of my passions in life is studying people and businesses to learn what makes them unique, valuable and successful. I recently had the privilege of visiting Zappos in Las Vegas. Not only did I tour their corporate offices and hear from Tony Hseih (CEO...

Uncategorized / 05.08.2013

For the past few years, many homeowners have found themselves trapped, so to speak, in their homes. Not able to sell because they have owed more on their mortgages than their homes were worth and perhaps not even able toRefinance to a lower rate because of the same...

City Creek Mortgage News / 30.07.2013

From the very beginning when City Creek mortgage was just a small fledging broker breaking into the world of the big banks, Mike saw mortgages differently. Developing and sustaining relationships that helped strengthen families,mortgages were just a part of the overall financial picture that empowered a family to realize their dreams,...