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Mortgage Tips / 01.07.2017

In any mortgage situation, equity is a very important consideration. Equity refers to the difference between the current value of your home and the amount you still owe on your mortgage loan – naturally, most people gain equity over time as their balance goes down...

Personal Finance / 27.06.2017

Consumer debt among American families was recently reported to total $12.73 trillion. To put this into perspective, the US government debt is just shy of $20 trillion. The outrageous amount currently owned by consumers is higher now than the peak reached in 2008 before the economic collapse. Although consumers are handling...

Mortgage 101 / 15.06.2017

Just because you’re in a higher income range doesn’t mean you aren’t potentially in need of a mortgage loan, and for folks in these higher brackets, jumbo loans are often the top option. Designed for purchases ranging between $600,300 and $3,000,000, we at City Creek...

Mortgage 101 / 01.06.2017

With mortgage rates once again on the rise, refinancing a mortgage is once again becoming a vogue topic. At City Creek Mortgage, we’re here to help if you determine that refinancing your mortgage is the best way to save yourself some cash and open up...

Mortgage 101 / 15.05.2017

For many people locked into a current mortgage loan, looking to refinance can be a smart option. There are several market factors that may contribute to your determination regarding when it’s right to consider refinancing, and at City Creek Mortgage, our brokers can help you...

City Creek Mortgage News, Personal Finance / 04.05.2017

  Warren Buffett’s famous quote “Be fearful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful,” seems to be applicable to today’s stock market environment. With the US stock market recently setting new all-time highs, confidence in the market has reached a peak not seen...

Mortgage 101 / 01.05.2017

A new home is one of the most significant expenses you’ll ever incur, especially if it’s your first home or your first refinance. A mortgage situation can be complex and stressful, which is why the brokers at City Creek Mortgage are here to walk you...