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City Creek Mortgage News, Personal Finance / 04.05.2017

  Warren Buffett’s famous quote “Be fearful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful,” seems to be applicable to today’s stock market environment. With the US stock market recently setting new all-time highs, confidence in the market has reached a peak not seen...

Mortgage 101 / 01.04.2017

After the housing bubble burst and record low interest rates eventually surged a few years ago, refinancing a mortgage has become a popular move among homeowners. With the potential ability to lower monthly payments in prime position, it’s no surprise more people have begun to...

City Creek Mortgage News / 28.03.2017

Anyone who knows me well understands how much I value transparency. The most fulfilling conversations are ones where each party is transparent and open with the other. A wise friend once told me that Transparency = InToMeSee (Intimacy). When we allow others to see beyond...

City Creek Mortgage News, Lending a Hand / 21.03.2017

Last November, I realized the power of journaling during a trip to Costa Rica with a business development group that I’m a member of.  During my stay, I was given the time to develop my thoughts and ideas.  As I sat down next to the water...