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We calculate every cost, fee, and expense down to the penny.

Using our calculator, you may see costs or fees with names you’re not familiar with. If so, call us and we’ll talk you through your mortgage calculation.

We’d rather be 100% transparent with your quote than give you an oversimplistic answer to something as complex as your mortgage.

The Most Comprehensive Utah Mortgage Calculator (PMI + Taxes & More)

a table with a number of different types of mortgage options.
At City Creek Mortgage, we have developed a comprehensive mortgage calculator tool for homebuyers in Utah. We believe in transparency and want potential buyers to be able to understand what they might expect when they apply for mortgages.

What to Expect

When you use the mortgage calculator tool, you can review a fee summary sheet, which serves as a one-stop method of understanding everything you should know about a potential mortgage offer.

Our calculator calculates estimated fees and costs for all of the following:

Many other types of endorsements are available based on the particular attributes of a property. Title endorsement fees are charged per endorsement.

Understand Your Mortgage Calculation

When you use the free mortgage calculator tool with City Creek Mortgage, you’ll be asked to input some basic information about the home you are considering, whether it is your first home purchase, whether you are looking for a refinance or home purchase loan, your credit, the purchase price, your down payment, and others.

Once you submit the requested information, the calculator will return a list of potential mortgages and interest rates. You can click on the loan details for a particular mortgage loan to get a list of fees and costs you might expect to pay if you apply for it.

Below, you can see a sample scenario of what you might expect when you input information into this mortgage calculator. This information will provide you with a highly accurate estimate of all of the costs that might be involved with closing your loan.

Sample Input:

Home Sales price: $400,000

Down Payment: $50,000 (12.5%)

Rate: 6.875%

Credit Score: 660 -679

Sample Output:

Est. Monthly Payment – $2,890.25

Principal & Interest – $2,299.00

Mortgage insurance – $262.50

Est. taxes – $250.00

Est. insurance – $78.75

Total Est. Monthly Payment – $2,890.25

Underwriting fee – $1,055.00

Appraisal fee – $535.00

Credit report fee – $62.00

Tax service fee – $85.00

Flood cert. – $8.00

Voe – $54.95

Mers – $24.95

Closing protection letter – $25.00

Recording fee – $80.00

Settlement fee – $240.00

Title endorsement fee – $85.00


Cost for buying down to chosen rate

Discount Points: $6,954.00

Total Est. Closing Costs: $9,209.00

You will also see a section that provides a brief explanation of the various fees and why they are required.

As a prospective homebuyer, it’s important to know what you might have to pay so that you can determine the value you will receive in exchange for your money. This section provides a high-level explanation of the value you will be getting when you pay various fees.

Beware of Lenders That Tell You That You Won’t Have to Pay Certain Fees

Some lenders tell prospective buyers that they will pay certain fees for them. However, they then turn around and move the costs into different categories to make it look like they are paying when they aren’t.

You should always ask any potential lender if it will truly pay for those fees or will instead simply combine them with other fees or place them in a different category.

Ask a lender that claims to pay for certain fees how it will remain profitable on the transaction if it does.

It’s important to critically evaluate the fees and costs associated with any loan you consider. This is why we provide detailed information about the fees charged by different lenders so that you can understand what you would be paying and receive an accurate estimate of the total costs associated with obtaining a mortgage.

We Work With Multiple Lenders to Get You the BEST Loan

At City Creek Mortgage, we strive to help you get the best mortgage loan for your circumstances. We are a mortgage broker and do not have a hidden agenda. We focus on helping you get the best loan by working with multiple lenders. This is a prime advantage of working with City Creek Mortgage.

Our more than 2,500 five-star reviews on Google demonstrate that we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for homebuyers across Utah. To learn more about what you might expect when buying a home in Utah, try out our mortgage rate calculator and reach out to us today to schedule a consultation.

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