The dilemma of breaking the news to your agent

From actual City Creek Mortgage clients



"I'll just ask the question if I start shopping my mortgage how do I break that to our agent but she or he has recommended a company for us we are we telling them we don't trust them right in the end what we have decided is we have to live with our mortgage they don't right but how do we break it to them even with that even knowing that I know I don't like doing it either because I don't want to hurt their feelings and I don't want to agents are fundamentally more tough than we give them credit for I believe that you know what I don't believe that I don't believe that yeah they're really since they're really sensitive and I don't like it I don't want to offend them are we worried about our agent being delicate so they should be worried about us being delicate yeah it's true it's sensitive it's true they should we are paying them okay but with all that said are you going to walk up to your agent and say you know what I know you recommended this mortgage company but i'm not i'm not going everything them are you going to feel good about that but if it matters in the long run yes okay but really are you going to feel good about that never gonna feel good about it no but in the long run is the decision the better decision so here's a question I would like to know I would like to know how could I start that conversation with my agent to say yeah I know you recommended this company but I want to shop around and find others how do you do that yeah it's a good question you."


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