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Rural Housing Refinancing

  • Are you looking for a no-money down loan and want to live in a rural area?
  • Are you in a low or moderate income bracket?

The United States Department of Agriculture has created a single family housing program designed to provide homeownership opportunities for low to moderate income individuals and families who live in select rural areas.

Click here to see if the area you live in qualifies.


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  • Have you made payments on time for the past 12 months on your existing rural housing loan?
  • Are you in a low or moderate income bracket?
  • Do you want to lower your monthly payment by taking advantage of today’s low rates?
  • Do you still meet adjusted income levels required to qualify since you purchased your home?

Homeowners who have a rural housing loan can take advantage of today’s lower interest rates by refinancing, quickly and efficiently. The new interest rate going into effect must be at least 1% or 100 basis points lower than your current interest rate.

This program is only good for 30-year term loans, and cannot be used for cash out. However, closing costs, lender fees, escrow account establishment and pre-paids can be included in the loan amount. Your property does not need to have a new appraisal to qualify for this loan program.


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