Review the Overall Benefits of Refinancing

By answering the questions below, you can see the overall benefits you could receive by refinancing.

We believe that most people who refinance should continue to make the same monthly payment they are currently making.  This helps shorten the amortization schedule to pay the home off early.

1. Save money each month
2. Pay the home off sooner

Current Mortgage



Save Money

Save Time

Lower your monthly payment. Pay down your mortgage faster.

$ -

- Months

$ -

$ -

If you make the same payment you are now making, your home will be paid off in:

- Months

- Months

$ -

Original Balance


The original loan amount of your current mortgage.

Current Balance


What you owe currently on your home. See your most recent mortgage statement.

Current Interest Rate


Your current rate (see current mortgage statement).

Original Loan Term


The original loan term length (usually 30 years).

P & I  Payment


Principal and interest payment.  This should match your monthly statement.

Term Reminaing

The amount of time remaining on your new refinance.

This can be longer than your current loan if you get cash out.

Time Saved


If you refinance to a lower rate, and but continue to pay the same P&I payment you’re currently making, you will save this much time.

New Refinance Balance


The total balance of your new refinance.

Amount Saved


By refinancing to your new rate, and making the same P&I payment as your old mortgage, you will save this amount.

If you’re getting cash out, the amount saved will show as a negative number.  (eg. -20,000 means you save $20,000)

Refinance Interest Rate


What your new refinance interest rate is.