Locking short term transactions

It would appear that all is well after the government made a deal just a few days ago.  The S&P 500 is hitting all-time highs, and the NASDAQ is approaching 4,000, its best since the all-time high of 5,048 in March of 2000.  mortgage bonds have pushed higher over the last few days and are trading just under the 200 day moving average once again.  The last time they broke above this level was briefly in April.  Given the strong drop that occurred just a few weeks ago at this level, it is a compelling argument to lock on short term transactions.  Longer term may have a chance at breaking above here due to the Washington deal that really just pushed the debt debacle a few months down the road.  This has extended the timeline of QE tapering, which is out of the picture for now.  We will suggest locking short term transactions.  

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