Healthcare Bill Negotiations Move Forward

Back-room bargaining efforts are heating up as the Senate prepares another attempt to pass a repeal to the current Obamacare system.  Although public support for the change is low, and zero democratic Senators plan to vote for the bill, many acknowledge the challenges with the existing system. The primary concern is the rising premiums and ever-increasing cost of healthcare overall. If negotiations can be made to garner the level of support needed, we could see the bill on President Trump’s desk later this week.


One key concern with the new proposed healthcare plan is the number of existing Medicare recipients who will lose coverage. The Republicans hope this will force many able workers who are currently living off entitlements to re-enter the job market. With the employment market as tight as it now is, this would increase the competition for existing jobs and could help reduce the risks of wage-based inflation. However, this assumes that the plan will work and that people will have no other option but to work to ensure they have healthcare coverage. It is a contentious subject that could further the divide between the two major political parties.


Stocks are pointing higher in premarket trading. This could pressure mortgage bonds lower as the day wears on.


With mortgage bonds now enjoying a bit of wiggle room between current levels and their 200-day moving average, you can carefully float. However only do so if you are able to closely watch the markets. Be prepared to lock should the bond market weaken.

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