The City Creek Difference

Perhaps you’re in the market for a mortgage for a home. If so, you probably have a lot of questions about all the options that are out there to choose from. Here at City Creek Mortgage, we offer something different from our competitors when it comes to helping families obtain their first mortgage. You might think that we’re just another mortgage company, but we offer a level of grit and commitment that our competitors don’t. There’s a reason our logo features the words “Trusted. Respected. Loved.” Today we’re going to explore what separates us from the rest of the pack, and more importantly, what makes us who we are, which is the City Creek difference. 

6 Key Traits That Make Us Who We Are

We are a small, family-owned business but over the years, through many experiences and hardships, we have been able to develop six factors that help us make large decisions. These six factors determine how we operate to bring you our best.

1. We Filter All Decisions Through Our Core Values

When we started City Creek Mortgage, we saw how the mortgage industry did things and realized there were some unmet needs that we could provide if we did things our way. That’s when we came up with the five non-negotiable values that we live by and base all of our decisions on:

  • Be Loyal
  • Continually Improve
  • Always Do The Right Thing
  • Take Personal Responsibility
  • Provide Quality and Excellence

These values guide us through our day-to-day lives, and ultimately provide you with excellent service and quality. These core values represent who we are and what we stand for.

2. We Are A Client-For-Life Company

When you get your mortgage through us, we treat you like you’re a part of the family, long after you’re done utilizing our services. We want you to come back time and again when you need a mortgage and hope you enjoy our service enough to tell friends, family, and co-workers. We understand that you need someone to have your back when you get a mortgage. That’s why we put you first and stay with you for life.

We understand that shopping for a mortgage can be difficult, especially for first-time homebuyers who are new to how this process works. That’s why it’s our goal to help you make an informed decision before ever committing to anything. We understand that, ultimately, this is your money and that the wrong rate will cost you for up to 30 years. We don’t want that to happen. This is why we put you first to provide you with the best rates we can find.

3. We’d Rather Lose Money Than Lose Good People

When we hire someone, we want to provide for them as much as we possibly can. We want to provide our employees with job security. When the mortgage industry crashed in 2008, while most companies were laying off their employees, we exhausted every single possibility we had financially and never laid off a single person. It’s more important for us to keep good, hard-working employees and develop that trust with them than to treat them like a number and let them go.

As a team, we have each member’s backs as we try to protect the heart, soul, and feelings of every single one of them. We are a family with common values, beliefs, and purpose, and we stand by each other through thick and thin. Our team respects and loves each other and values everything that makes us unique. 

4. We Provide Each Member of The Team With the Stability of a Salary

Most sales teams are commission-based. You make a sale, you make money. Well, here at City Creek Mortgage, we offer our team the stability of a salary. This allows them to focus on what’s important: taking care of you, our client. Our talented, salaried staff can take the time to get to know you better, offer advice, and help you save money. This focus on the consumer is part of what makes us stand out from the rest of the pack and makes us unique compared to mortgage companies that pay more attention to files than people. 

5. We’re Transparent

It is important to us to be transparent. In fact, we’re transparent about a lot of things. We’re open about any money we earn, how it’s earned, and who pays it. We also guarantee the rates and fees we quote you are going to be exactly what you get. We understand that people want access to fast, honest, and accurate information, and we want to provide that to them.

6. We Provide Higher Value at a Lower Price

At City Creek, we believe that the trusted relationships we’ve developed over the years with our clients is what will always keep us in business. We believe in giving more than we receive and doing the right thing in every situation. By providing higher value and a lower price, we earn our clients’ lifelong business and become an enthusiastic referral to everyone they know.

If You Need a Mortgage, Reach Out Today to Experience the City Creek Difference

If you want a mortgage company that treats you like family, give City Creek Mortgage a call today at (801) 501-7950. We understand that you have a lot of questions about how to apply for a mortgage, as well as what kind of rate you qualify for. At City Creek Mortgage, we can answer these questions for you. 

We’re here to help you get a great rate on your mortgage. We’re a small, family-owned, local business that sincerely loves its staff and the clients they serve. At City Creek Mortgage, we treat employees like family and provide our clients with a safe place to make big decisions. We are Utah’s most trusted, respected, and loved mortgage company, and we are here to put you first.

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