Losing My Grandpa

I recently lost my last living grandparent. My Grandpa Tom was an outstanding man, who loved and cared deeply for all of us. We will forever miss his repetitive jokes, his warm hugs and his fabulous cooking. Outside of the grief, this feels to be a strangely symbolic event. Since grandpas are generally considered to be the Patriarch of a family, his loss represents a “passing of the torch” if you will. A shift that is slowly working its way down to me. The reality is that I’m getting older and I need to decide what kind of legacy I want to leave behind.

Having lost his wife, my beautiful Italian grandma just two years’ prior, my grandpa’s health sharply deteriorated after her death. I believe that the pain of losing her was more than his body was able to handle.

Love stories like my grandparents are becoming less common and are a legacy worth repeating. For me, they will remain a vision of the commitment, love and compassion that I hope to model with my bride.

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