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One of the most significant decisions we at City Creek have made as a company was to bring on a coaching mentor to help elevate us to the next level. With her Power Zone Coaching, author and Life Coach Rene Johnson has been a tremendous factor in helping us grow into the largest and highest producing mortgage team in the state. Her expertise brought clarification and direction to our vision of being the most “Trusted, Respected and Loved” mortgagecompany in Utah and her continued guidance manages our path and growth in that direction. By challenging us each and every day, she has pushed us out of our comfort zones in a way we never thought possible and always holds us accountable for the commitment we share as a team towards our overall vision. Rene’ s new office is located in the new office space next to City Creek Studios, so she is always readily available to push us even further in our professional development!

Whether you hire a coach or seek out a trusted mentor, never underestimate the power of having a partner by your side empowering you and helping you achieve your goals. When someone believes in you and your vision and is there to constantly challenge and push you to new heights, you will likely accomplish far more than you would have on your own.

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