Grit and Commitment


Tobi and I recently wrote our core story, outlining some of the key milestones in the development of City Creek Mortgage from the time we met in high school up until now. It was an eye-opening process to re-live some of the moments of victory, defeat and downright misery. Overall, it was an emotional experience and one with great lessons.

WHAT IS A CORE STORY? Just like people, companies have an “essence”. I think of it as the soul of a business that fuels its personality, beliefs and decisions. A core story is essentially trying to capture that essence. Because feelings are created in the limbic portion of the brain, they often don’t have words. Therefore, pictures or videos are often used as tools to help connect the audience with the true intent of the story. Although someday we hope to make our story into a short video, for now it is a 10-page brochure.

WHY WE CREATED OUR CORE STORY We believe that most people value relationships and feel better about doing business with people who are human, face struggles and try to always grow through mistakes and challenges. By being transparent, we hope that people will get to know us a little better and see how hard the fight has been to keep City Creek Mortgage in business for more than 18 years.

As any person who owns a small business can attest, running a company is not easy. It can be a road filled with incredible highs and very deep lows. It is generally in the extremes where we find the greatest lessons and experience the most growth. When we sat down to discuss what to include, we made a timeline history of the key milestones from the development of City Creek Mortgage up until the current day. This process bought up some painful memories that were quickly followed by strategic advancements. It was interesting to be able to tie our moments of growth to our darkest times. In a way it made me appreciate the struggles which I have desperately tried to avoid reliving. The realization that our moments of greatness were discovered in the midst of misery made the process of writing the story emotionally charged and worthwhile.

LESSONS LEARNED Every company has values. Some businesses may be aware of their values and post them on a wall for all to see, while others may never have taken the time to consider what their values truly are. Early in the life of City Creek Mortgage, we spent a number of days hashing out what truly mattered to us. At the end of an extended “values retreat,” we came up with five beliefs that are core to who we are. Even today, the same values live on within our organization. The true test of values is found in the process of analyzing the most important decisions that a business makes. As we wrote out our story, we realized that our stated values shined through in the significant decisions that have shaped City Creek Mortgage. This served as tangible proof that the values we claim are in fact true to who we are. Further, we realized that our culture is clearly a reflection of our values. You are a part of what has made City Creek what it is today and we are grateful for every opportunity we have to continue our relationship.

You can find the full story at this link or request one to be mailed to you by emailing your address to our relationship manager at

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