4 Reasons City Creek Mortgage Matters to You

City Creek Mortgage isn’t a typical company. In fact, we don’t want it to be. Our local, family-owned, small business is more than a mortgage company. Our team is family to each other, and we provide a safe space for our clients to make big decisions. 

We know making an investment takes time, research, and thoughtful consideration. Our team will walk you through all your options, explain any hard-to-understand pieces, and work with you to help find the best plan for your future. 

At City Creek Mortgage, we know that in order for you to be a “for-life” customer, you need to be able to trust us, while we provide you with the loyalty, responsibility, and quality you deserve. 

Trust at City Creek Mortgage

Transparency creates trust. At City Creek Mortgage, we are 100% open about the income we earn, how we earn it, and who pays it.  You won’t find hidden fees, secretive documentation, or staff that works on commission. 

Our team is provided a steady salary so that there are no commission earnings from products sold. This creates a better, more stable life for our employees and gives our clients a better overall experience, too. 

Your City Creek Mortgage team is focused on what matters to you. They make your needs their priority and are able to offer advice and expertise that really counts. 

Loyalty at City Creek Mortgage

Running a mortgage company has come with its share of bumps and bruises. Over the years, it’s been our trusted relationships with clients that have kept us in business. 

At City Creek Mortgage, we value our relationships with our clients. We listen. We keep your goals in focus, and we provide advice based on our professional training and years of experience. Our team makes it their sole interest to learn about your goals, offer advice, and save you money. 

We want to win you over so that you’ll remain our customer and become an enthusiastic referral! You are important to us. 


At City Creek Mortgage, you’ll find a team that wants to always be fair and do the right thing in every situation. Years ago, we adopted the concept of “Providing higher value at a lower price.” 

We feel a real responsibility to you and to ourselves. And we truly believe if we provide honest advice at a fair price and treat our clients as we would want to be treated, there’s no way we won’t be successful – for our clients and as a team. 

We believe that our clients deserve and want access to fast, honest, and transparent information. So, that’s just what we provide. 


We are a high-quality team that provides a top-quality product. Our clients depend on us and we take that responsibility very seriously. Since 1998, City Creek Mortgage has made a difference in the lives of our clients. 

Every day, we work to continually improve so that our clients receive the best possible information. We take your trust seriously and want to be sure we know all there is to know about the products available, market trends, and the latest financial data. 

City Creek Mortgage isn’t your typical mortgage company. We work to serve our clients and take that relationship seriously. As one of the most established mortgage companies in Salt Lake City, we know you’ll feel the difference when you deal with us. 

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