How To Get Your Free Home Value Report

Home Value Report example with home values, comparable properties and forecast

How To Get Your Free Home Value Report


As you have heardhome values have risen crazy fast over the past year. From December 2019 to December 2020, home values grew 9.2% on average in the US! Meaning if you bought a home in December 2019 for $325K, it is now likely worth $354K+. In Utah, it was even higher! This growth was largely fueled by record low mortgage rates making monthly payments lower, and allowing people to afford more expensive homes.

We want to give you the tools to make the best decision and save the most money. So, we are giving away free Home Value Reports to anyone who wants one. These reports use both homes that have recently sold near you as well as homes that are currently listed to determine what your home is likely worth today as well as a 3-year value forecast.

Who should get a Free Home Value Report?

  • Anyone interested in saving money on their monthly mortgage payment
  • Anyone who is currently paying mortgage insurance 
  • Anyone thinking about selling their home
  • Anyone thinking about buying a home
  • Anyone who lives in a home and wants an idea of what it is worth

Get yours! Give one of our Salary-Based Loan Officers a call (all we need is your address)

P.S. You can also ask them for a free review of your current mortgage to see if we can save you some money 801-501-7950

City Creek Mortgage is are not a licensed real estate agent or brokerage. This report comes from a 3rd party service ( This is not a solicitation for real estate services and is not a replacement for an appraisal. Please see for more details. This report is not a substitute for an appraisal, and is a projection, and is not guaranteed to be accurate.