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City Creek Mortgage News / 03.07.2018

With home values climbing to record highs, many have rushed to their bank to take out a line of credit against their homes. For some it has been to make home improvements or consolidate debts. For others it was to take a vacation or purchase...

Mortgage Tips / 02.07.2018

When it comes to getting a mortgage, particularly among first-time buyers, the down payment is often a huge area of concern. Popular perception of the down payment, which is paid up front at closing as part of a mortgage loan, has built it up to...

Lending a Hand / 22.06.2018

Meet the newest addition to our household. This is Kodiak (Kodi), a fun loving Siberian Husky / Alaskan Malamute mix with one blue and one brown/blue eye. Honestly, another dog wasn’t on our radar (we already have 2), however, when we heard there was a puppy whose family was transferred to St....

Personal Finance / 22.06.2018

Whether you’re looking to get a new mortgage or refinance an existing one, your credit score is one of the biggest financial factors in this world. A high credit score will help you get the best mortgage rate available and qualify for many special programs,...

Mortgage Tips / 22.06.2018

At City Creek Mortgage, we’re here to be more than just mortgage pros. Our experts are indeed experienced and well-trained in every area of helping you get the best mortgage rates, but they’re also here to help you with several parts of the actual homebuying...

Mortgage 101 / 21.05.2018

The homebuying world is exciting, but it can also be complex and somewhat imposing for first-time homebuyers. At City Creek Mortgage, we’re here to make everything as simple as possible for you as you go through the mortgage loan and home search process. Unfortunately, a large...