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$500 Visa Gift Card
Upon funding, you will receive a $500 Visa Gift Card
Zero upfront & application fees.
It costs nothing for you to explore potential savings. With no application fees, you have nothing to lose!
Low interest rates & fees.
Lower rates means more money for each of you.
Agent Discounts
When you work with one of our dedicated network of real estate agents, they will gift you 1% off the sale of your home or a 20% credit on your buyer's agent commission.
5-star experience
$5,000 close on time guarantee
Don’t want to miss that closing date? We get it! We guarantee to close your loan by the date stated in your contract. If we don’t, we’ll write you a check for $5,000.*

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What it is

An easier & cheaper way for you to buy, refinance, or sell a home.

Now, more than ever, we know you want to feel valued for being our customer. Because we have opted-in to our Corporate Savings Program, you are eligible to receive mortgage and refinance reduction benefits. For being such a great client, let's keep more of your hard-earned money in your pockets every month!

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  • “Thanks for all your work in financing our new home. I know it takes a bit more work and effort to get financing for the self-employed and we are happy that you stuck with us.”
    Benjamin and Nalene Dunkley
  • “We loved our experience with City Creek Mortgage and have complete trust that we are in the best hands possible. What a great and satisfying mortgage experience! Wow! We have never said that before!”
    David and Gretchen Figge
  • “I love City Creek Mortgage because Mike was willing to share his time and talent to help Ben and me, even though it was not going to financially benefit him. Sharing his time and talent so willingly will always be fondly remembered and gratefully appreciated!”
    Joani Shaver
  • “Honesty, integrity and excellence. Great team players. Able to see the big picture, fun to work with, willing to help others even if there may not be financial gain. Always open for new challenges and opportunities. That pretty much sums up my experience with City Creek Mortgage. I am honored to work with Tobi and Mike and know my clients will always be taken care of or referred to someone who is a better fit.”
    Lyndi Reed
    Keller Williams Agent
  • “City Creek was the only company to actually stay in contact with us and they spent the time to fully explain what they have done and what to expect next.”
    Adam Bowers
Even More Benefits

Even More Benefits

Access to a personalized rate in under 30 seconds. Totally free.

In 30 seconds flat, you can calculate your personalized rate quotes with these included corporate perks discounts. Best part is, no personal information is required!

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$500 Visa Gift Card $500 Visa Gift Card
Below market interest rates & fees Below market interest rates & fees
Zero application fees Zero application fees
Zero up-front costs Zero up-front costs
5-star client experience 5-star client experience
Realtor Discount Realtor Discount
$5,000 Close on time guarantee* $5,000 Close on time guarantee*