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Save your clients thousands, all at zero cost to you.

Get discounts for your clients who buy, refinance, or sell a home through our partnership. It's that easy.

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See rate options in 60 seconds. Totally free.

In 60 seconds flat, you and your clients can see a personalized mortgage rate quote. Best part is, no personal information is required.

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REPORT · Check your assets

Get a free home value report

Request a home value report complete with estimated value, comparable properties, and much more.

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Review where rates are today, and see how your current mortgage aligns with your financial goals and life situation.

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What's Included
Free benefits for your clients.
Dollar Amount
Gift Card or Lender Credit
Reduce closing costs, invest in a home warranty, or buy down interest rates. Your client can choose!
Low interest rates & fees.
Lower rates means more money for each of your clients.
Zero application fees.
With no application fees, your clients have nothing to lose!
Zero up front fees.
It costs nothing for your clients to explore potential savings.
5-star experience
A 5-star experience
We'll walk your clients through every step of the process. Saving money has never been so easy!

… Did we mention happier clients?

Wondering what it's like working with us? We got you.
  • “Thanks for all your work in financing our new home. I know it takes a bit more work and effort to get financing for the self-employed and we are happy that you stuck with us.”
    Benjamin and Nalene Dunkley
  • “Mike Roberts and the staff at City Creek Mortgage is the absolute best! We have known Mike for years and he has helped us out more times than I would like to admit. I know that when I need help with a refinance I can go to Mike for help and advice. He is always professional and yet so friendly…and it doesn’t hurt that he is so handsome!!! We have nothing but the utmost respect for Mike and his team. Thanks Mike!”
    Cheryl Knott
  • “City Creek was the only company to actually stay in contact with us and they spent the time to fully explain what they have done and what to expect next.”
    Adam Bowers
  • “We have closed over 7 loans with Mike Roberts and have NEVER had any surprises at closing. Our payment and costs have always been to the literal penny of what he quoted. Mike even calls to let us know when rates drop, once again, helping my family’s financial situation improve.”
    Garland and Lynelle Brinkerhoff
  • “I trust City Creek Mortgage and recommend them to all my family and friends.”

    Emily Ayre
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2,501 Reviews | Average 5/5

What is it
What it is
Use our mortgage tools and save your clients big when they buy, refinance, or sell a home.

Now, more than ever, clients are seeking out financial professionals who genuinely care. With our Partner Program, your clients are eligible to recieve mortgage and refinance reduction benefits. Put money back into the pockets of your clients each month and your people will stay invested in you!

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Apply Now
You're about to increase client satisfaction at no extra cost to you.

With $0.00 out of your pocket, you have the potential to save your clients thousands!

Benefits of partnering with City Creek Mortgage
Gift Card or Lender Credit Gift Card or Lender Credit
Below market interest rates & fees Below market interest rates & fees
Zero application fees Zero application fees
Zero up-front costs Zero up-front costs
5-star client experience 5-star client experience