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Happy 20th Birthday City Creek Mortgage

Who would have guessed that a couple of kids who met in their teens would marry, build a business, and work together for over 20 years? Every statistic out there says it’s almost impossible—and they’re right! Some days, “hard” is a laughable understatement.

But as we look back over the last two decades at all the families we’ve helped, all of the teammates we worked alongside, all the loyal referral partnerships we have built, and at all the challenges we’ve faced, we are grateful to our core.

Your stories fuel us. Our mission is to help you build beautiful lives just as you have helped us build ours!

Saying THANK YOU for choosing us doesn’t begin to communicate our appreciation. But thank you nonetheless.

When it comes to paying down a mortgage, budgeting is a very important area for homebuyers. Failing to stay within a budget may risk missed payments or other issues that can reflect badly on their financial profile, while those who are diligent and disciplined will leave themselves in good shape – and if you go the extra mile, a mortgage can even become a fantastic financial asset.

At City Creek Mortgage, we’re here to help you buy a home that becomes a positive investment for you in the long run. One strategy for doing so? Making one extra mortgage payment each year as part of your budget. Let’s go over the various formats you can use while doing this, plus how this practice will benefit you over time.

Ways of Doing It

There are a few different ways of making an extra yearly mortgage payment:

  • Boosting each monthly payment: Take your extra payment amount, then divide it by 12. From here, just add that amount to each monthly payment – be sure to specify that this additional amount is to be applied to your principal balance, not interest.
  • Bi-weekly payments: Instead of making one monthly payment, take that same amount, divide it in half, and then pay that amount every other week instead. Over the course of the full year, this will result in you making exactly one extra payment toward your principal amount, due to the fact that most months are slightly longer than four weeks.
  • Single lump sum: Spend the year budgeting and saving up a full additional monthly payment, then determine a date when you send it in full. Again, specify that this extra payment is meant to go toward principal only.

Why Do It?

If you have the financial flexibility to use any of the methods detailed above, you should absolutely consider it. Benefits might include:

  • Generating equity: The higher a percentage of your home that you “own” (that you’ve paid off, in other words), the more equity you have in it. This means that you get more profit if you choose to sell, and equity can also be used as a way of creating additional financing for home improvement or other areas. Extra yearly payments build equity faster for you.
  • Paying less interest: As we noted above, you’ll be ensuring your additional payments go toward your principal loan balance. This will lower the amount of interest you pay, as interest is generated as a percentage of the principal amount remaining. Over the life of the loan, you can save thousands of dollars this way.
  • Paying off early: Through a single extra yearly payment, you’ll likely pay off your mortgage several years earlier than you would have otherwise. This frees you from monthly payments faster, plus as we noted, saves you interest.

For more on how making extra mortgage payments benefits you, or to learn about any of our mortgage loan services, contact the pros at City Creek Mortgage today.

As those who have been through it before can tell you, buying a home comes with a few basic processes. These processes naturally have expected time periods in which they’re completed, and while these can vary a bit within each situation, there’s a general range you can expect heading into the mortgage and homebuying process.

At City Creek Mortgage, we can do a few things when it comes to these processes while you’re buying a home. We can help familiarize you with them, for starters, but we can also offer tips on shortening certain areas for buyers who may need to close a bit faster than normal. Why might you need to close faster on a mortgage loan, and how can you go about making this happen?

Why Close Quickly?

There are actually a number of reasons why you might need to close sooner than normal if you’re a buyer. They include:

  • You’re relocating to a new city, perhaps with date requirements for a new job.
  • You have a baby or a new pet on the way and require more space in a bigger home.
  • Your first home is for sale or has already sold, and you need a second home.
  • You’re a home flipper who has identified a hot market and is looking to capitalize on it.
  • You’ve done your research on mortgage rates and expect them to rise in the near future, so are hoping to close before this happens.

Typical Process Time Periods

The general homebuying process can vary in length depending on a few factors, including the market, the home you’re looking for, and the areas you’re searching in. You can generally plan for at last a month of searching for a home, then between another 30 and 60 days for the mortgage closing process to be completed. Basically, expect a standard homebuying process involving a mortgage to take between three and four months.

Tips for Shortening the Process

This doesn’t always have to be the case, however. There are some basic things you can do to help speed up the process, including the following:

  • Pre-approval: Pre-approval is an official process where you provide your lender with significant documentation, including credit information and other important financials. You go through the underwriting process as well, and get a detailed estimate of the price range you’ll have available to you based on the mortgages you qualify for. Pre-approval allows you to both save time and bolster your initial purchase offers in many cases.
  • Great realtor: If possible, look to a local expert in a realtor who knows your area. They can help you find great homes, and also can negotiate for you.
  • Planning and flexibility: Do as much advanced planning as you can before ever starting the process. Consider the things you’re prioritizing in your search, whether this is neighborhood quality or home amenities. Prepare your paperwork in advance, plus ensure financial areas like your credit score are in good order. At the same time, be prepared to be flexible and meet the needs of your lender or underwriter quickly to help move the process along.

For more on getting a mortgage closed out quickly, or to learn about any of our mortgage services, speak to the staff at City Creek Mortgage today.

One of the greatest injustices of the mortgage industry is the high commission some loan officers receive for originating a home loan. In many cases, it equates to 1.5% (or more) of the total amount of the mortgage. That’s a $4,500 paycheck for closing a $300,000 loan! And where does the money for those high commissions come from? Through an increase in your interest rate. This is wrong and unjustified, in my opinion.

My personal mission for City Creek Mortgage is to eliminate the over-compensated loan officer by educating consumers about why most companies charge such high interest rates. A loan officer on salary or a lower commission rate can save the consumer money—in most cases, a lot of money.

I’m NOT saying loan officers shouldn’t have the opportunity to make a great income. I believe that the ethical model is to earn a little off a lot of loan closings vs. a lot off a few. A higher-volume team with salary-based loan officers can provide a great living for employees as well as lower interest rates for borrowers.

If you’re shopping for a home mortgage, don’t be afraid to ask your loan officer about their personal commission rate. If they stumble over their answer, be careful. Look for a salaried loan officer and I bet you’ll find a better deal.

Our team secretly came together for this photo while we were out of town and put it up on billboards for our return.
Mike and I started this amazing journey when Austin Taylor Roberts was still in a baby carrier sleeping under my desk.CCM_Turns_19_Years_txt
It has been the most rewarding, challenging, painful, scary, and exciting thing we’ve ever done…and we wouldn’t change it for anything.
Every day we get to work with our friends who believe what we believe and share our mission to be the most Trusted, Respected & Loved mortgage company in Utah….and soon beyond 🙂
I could not be more proud of this team, of the company we have all built and to all of you who honor us with the opportunity to serve.
Here’s to another amazing 19 years!

– Tobi Roberts


The ladies of City Creek Mortgage joined The JR Way to deliver an extra special experience to the families living at The YMCA. We had a blast pampering the mom’s with hair, makeup, nail and massage services. For the kids we had stuffed stockings, games, cookies, tattoos and tons of other fun stuff. Everyone had a great time and we will be making this an annual event.

If you want to learn more about awesome giving opportunities like this, you can follow our page at Lending a Hand with City Creek Mortgage on Facebook.


Recently it was brought to my attention that one of our closed clients was writing about their experience with City Creek Mortgage. This is far from a common REVIEW. It very well may be the first chapter in our soon-to-be-written book on The Perfect Client Experience. I am monumentally proud of my entire team for carrying out our vision so genuinely and for amazing clients like Kennie Christiansen and his fabulous wife Tracee for taking the time to articulate their experience. This was NOT paid for or even asked for which makes it PRICELESS! To read the full experience click here: kenniechristiansen.com/2017/01/03/best-utah-mortgage-company-real-estate-team/



Anyone who knows me well understands how much I value transparency. The most fulfilling conversations are ones where each party is transparent and open with the other. A wise friend once told me that Transparency = InToMeSee (Intimacy). When we allow others to see beyond the good and even into the ugly side of us, they develop a greater understanding, trust and emotional connection. Although sometimes difficult, it can be the single most important element of a beautiful relationship.

I believe we live in a society where we are taught to be one person in public and another in private. My coach would say that the best way to live a life of integrity is to be the same person in all situations. Although sometimes I fail, this is something I consider often. I believe that if we all make an effort to focus on transparency, we will find that we develop deeper relationships and will have more fulfilling friendships as a result.


Tobi and I recently wrote our core story, outlining some of the key milestones in the development of City Creek Mortgage from the time we met in high school up until now. It was an eye-opening process to re-live some of the moments of victory, defeat and downright misery. Overall, it was an emotional experience and one with great lessons.

WHAT IS A CORE STORY? Just like people, companies have an “essence”. I think of it as the soul of a business that fuels its personality, beliefs and decisions. A core story is essentially trying to capture that essence. Because feelings are created in the limbic portion of the brain, they often don’t have words. Therefore, pictures or videos are often used as tools to help connect the audience with the true intent of the story. Although someday we hope to make our story into a short video, for now it is a 10-page brochure.

WHY WE CREATED OUR CORE STORY We believe that most people value relationships and feel better about doing business with people who are human, face struggles and try to always grow through mistakes and challenges. By being transparent, we hope that people will get to know us a little better and see how hard the fight has been to keep City Creek Mortgage in business for more than 18 years.

As any person who owns a small business can attest, running a company is not easy. It can be a road filled with incredible highs and very deep lows. It is generally in the extremes where we find the greatest lessons and experience the most growth. When we sat down to discuss what to include, we made a timeline history of the key milestones from the development of City Creek Mortgage up until the current day. This process bought up some painful memories that were quickly followed by strategic advancements. It was interesting to be able to tie our moments of growth to our darkest times. In a way it made me appreciate the struggles which I have desperately tried to avoid reliving. The realization that our moments of greatness were discovered in the midst of misery made the process of writing the story emotionally charged and worthwhile.

LESSONS LEARNED Every company has values. Some businesses may be aware of their values and post them on a wall for all to see, while others may never have taken the time to consider what their values truly are. Early in the life of City Creek Mortgage, we spent a number of days hashing out what truly mattered to us. At the end of an extended “values retreat,” we came up with five beliefs that are core to who we are. Even today, the same values live on within our organization. The true test of values is found in the process of analyzing the most important decisions that a business makes. As we wrote out our story, we realized that our stated values shined through in the significant decisions that have shaped City Creek Mortgage. This served as tangible proof that the values we claim are in fact true to who we are. Further, we realized that our culture is clearly a reflection of our values. You are a part of what has made City Creek what it is today and we are grateful for every opportunity we have to continue our relationship.

You can find the full story at this link or request one to be mailed to you by emailing your address to our relationship manager at Jamie@citycreekmortgage.com

A while back I learned one of the most valuable lessons of my life. I was at a business seminar with my wife when the presenter, Tony Robbins, talked about his theory on human needs. Many years ago, he recognized that there are six key forces that drive human behavior. These forces drive the decisions we make, how we feel about things and how we respond. According to Tony, the Six Human Needs are:

6 Human Needs

Of the six needs, the first four are “Basic” needs and number 5&6 are secondary needs that generally can be met only after the first four are secure. In other words, people tend to focus on growth and contribution at a higher level once they feel a reasonable level of achievement in the first four human needs. Further, if an experience or feeling meets at least 3 of the needs simultaneously, it can be highly addictive.

Although each person experiences all six needs, the order in which they drive behavior is not of equal importance to everyone. For example, some people may value Certainty more strongly than others and some may find the need for Love & Connection to be their primary need. In general, there is one that is dominant in each person and a second need that follows. The remaining two, although still important, tend to be lower on the scale than the primary and secondary needs.

My Personal Lesson

As I contemplated the meaning and validity of his theory, I had the epiphany that if I were to meet each of the six needs within my marriage, both Tobi and I would experience a richness and beauty that would exceed our expectations. Further, it would create an addiction that would make our connection more difficult to break. But to do this, I needed a plan.

I will share with you some of the notes and questions I came up with regarding each need. Although there isn’t sufficient space to share my detailed plan for each, I hope to give you a vision of the potential power hidden within the plan.


  1. Certainty – Per Tony, the need for safety is the most predominant need in most humans. I find this to be true with me as well as for my wife, Tobi. So, I asked the questions – What do I need to do to ensure that she never needs to question my commitment or dedication to her? How can I increase safety in all interactions with her?
  2. Variety – What does it look like to experience the art of surprise and spontaneity within our relationship? How can I ensure we maintain excitement in our lives?
  3. Significance – My wife is an exceptional person with many talents and gifts to offer this world. How can I help her to live out her greatness?
  4. Love & Connection – We all have the need to feel loved and to experience deep connection. Unfortunately, too many give up on love and settle for connection. This is not a place I ever want to be. How do I ensure connection and simultaneously love my wife unconditionally?
  5. Growth – If we aren’t growing, we are dying. What will be our ongoing source of fuel that keeps us learning and inspired to become better? What daily disciplines are needed to ensure these are ongoing and never stop?
  6. Contribution – True meaning in life comes from what we give back. While most seek happiness in having more, how will we be different and experience true happiness through the art of contributing our gifts and talents to help others?

Of everything I have learned so far through this process, the idea of fiercely loving my wife through every good time and bad seems to be the greatest lesson. After 23 years of marriage, I’m thankful for every new thought that can help strengthen our relationship.

This is clearly a unique article for me to write. If this has created curiosity within you, I’d love to share the Six Human Needs with you. Please e-mail me for more information to Mike@CityCreekMortgage.com.