You wouldn’t let someone choose your home…

Don’t let someone else choose your mortgage!

You could save THOUSANDS on Your Mortgage by getting a second opinion  

4.9 Stars on Google
(420+ reviews)!



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    You Could Save THOUSANDS on Your Mortgage by Getting a Second Opinion:


    You could save THOUSANDS on Your Mortgage by getting a second opinion:

    4.9 Stars on Google!
    (420+ reviews)

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      Mortgage companies are NOT created equal.

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      Salary-Based Loan Officers
      Best Pricing
      Amazing Reviews

      Other Companies
      Commission-Based Loan Officers
      Hidden Rates / Fees
      Typically only a few reviews

      Our customers have thanked us for saving them from other lenders!

      We built our dream home then were disappointed with the rate we got from the ''preferred'' lender. We called City Creek and they were able to beat that rate by 1/2%. This...saved us about $100 monthly on our mortgage.
      –Mark LaCroix
      I had talked to a couple of lenders before a friend at work told me to call City Creek. I'm so grateful they did! Fantastic experience! Great communication, easy process, and they DO offer the best rates. I, like my friend will recommend them to everyone, I know.
      - Britney Huffman
      I will never use anyone else.
      - B. Bui
      Kristy and Jen were great! Very professional and fast. I shopped around for rates and costs and no one compares to City Creek!
      - Roger Johnson
      We recently bought a new home and because of past experience with City Creek on a refinance we chose them again. We shopped a lot with local lenders and national lender... City Creek beat them all on costs and rates.
      - Steve Hawkins

      Price Match Guarantee

      If you find a better rate with another lender, we’ll match it.

      How it works: Once you’ve applied and are cleared to lock your rate with us, send us their complete Loan Estimate dated the same day and we will price match their rate and points.

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      Price Match Guarantee – Details

      • For the price match guarantee, provide completed Loan Estimate from another lender when you lock your rate with City Creek Mortgage and we will match interest rate and points. Only available on products offered through City Creek Mortgage; product terms must be identical. Subject to credit approval.
      • Points include: Origination Fee, Loan Discount, Lender Credit, & Lender Discount
      • Interest Rate – This is different from the APR (annual percentage rate).
      • Not included in price match guarantee: APR & Other Fees including, but not limited to appraisal, title, credit report and underwriting. These and other fees vary from company to company, and also depend on your loan structure and product type.
      • If you have questions, please speak with your mortgage planner.

      You’re Not Stuck with Their
      “Preferred” Lender!

      We can provide you with lower fees, a better rate and higher quality care.

      Get your second opinion instantly:

        “It’s more convenient”

        They’re right, it’s more convenient…for them.

        Most “preferred lenders” helped finance the land to the builder initially. So the lender is really who the builder wants to be happy. Otherwise they may not fund the next development.

        “You won’t get your keys on-time”

        What a deal! You pay them thousands extra in closing costs or a higher rate to get your keys 1 day earlier? That sounds like a scam.

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