Raving Fans

Raving Fan: “Alexis, I wanted to say ‘thank you’. I’ve grown accustomed to speaking with you on a daily basis and I’m going to miss that. You may be very good at what you do, and that’s important and all, but really, I think the most impressive thing has been your personality, your laugh and humor and working with someone whom doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Thank you, too, for making Linh and I feel important and really following through on whatever you’d say you’d do. I appreciate it. Integrity is one of my personal-favorite attributes in a person.” – Brent Layton

“Since we purchased our first home we have worked with at least six different mortgage companies. City Creekmortgage has been head and shoulders above any other mortgage company we have tried to work with.

Each mortgage company we have interacted with has promised that they would stay in contact with us to keep us informed with where our loan is at in the process. City Creek was the only company to actually stay in contact with us and they spent the time to fully explain what they have done and what to expect next. When there was a delay or change in the process we were immediately contacted. Each email and letter sent to us was personal and specific to our needs. It is very evident that the team at City Creek mortgage works hard to meet the needs of their clients and act in a very professional manner.

I have felt so comfortable with my experience that I am referring them to my friends and family.

– Adam Bowers

City Creek Staff,

Thanks for all your work in financing our new home. I know it takes a bit more work and effort to get financing for the self-employed and we are happy that you stuck with us. We love the house, the area and all about it. Here are some gift certificates for our company, Envision Cosmetic Surgery. Please feel free to use them as you wish. Love to see you soon.

Benjamin and Nalene Dunkley

Envision Cosmetic Surgery

A Raving Fan client, Steve Carpenter, brought in a Thank You gift for a job well done to our City Creek team. He designed this fabulous bird sculpture out of spoons, forks, and a bottle opener….how creative!!!! I guess it will be rock-paper-scissors to see who gets to place it on their desk.

We are so lucky to get to work with the most amazing clients ever. Thanks again Steve!!

“City Creek mortgage is now just an extension of our family. We know that when we are obtaining a home loan we are in the best possible hands and working with the most knowledgeable and professional team in the mortgageindustry. The relationship we have with Mike and his team is one that doesn’t stop at our mortgage, but extends into every aspect of our lives. Mike understands our entire financial situation and provides advice that reflects our specific needs. We feel blessed to have him in our corner, always wanting the best for us and our family. City Creek, thank you for another amazing experience and letting us be a part of your family.”—-Tim & Jodi Rogers