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Important Your rate is not locked (yet)

Keep in mind that the rate shown on the application cannot be locked until your mortgage planner has sent you a detailed loan strategy and you have digitally signed the disclosures. At that point, you can request the rate to be locked.

Frequently asked questions

Stuck? Skip it! We'll help.
If you get stuck on any question throughout the application, skip over that part. Your mortgage planner will fix any part needed after the application is submitted.
Wanting to refinance?
If you are doing a refinance, skip over the asset section of the application. If needed, we will collect that info from you later.
Other Notes.
If the application shows an incorrect loan amount, it is ok, go ahead and submit the application. Your mortgage planner will fix that on our side. Tech can be tricky. If you can, please e-mail a copy of a recent mortgage statement and proof of homeowner’s insurance to This will help expedite your loan strategy being e-mailed to you.
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