Our Loan Process

No Commitments, No Risk, until ordering appraisal

Our company makes every effort to take the hassle out of the loan process. Our goal is to gain your trust and confidence when you shop for your mortgage loan in Salt Lake City, Utah. We strive to give you a positive experience and feel no pressure at any point.

We will walk you through the entire loan process through four easy steps. There is absolutely no risk, commitment, or cost on your part until you reach Phase 4—the point when an appraisal is ordered. Gaining your business in phases 1 to 3 is our risk to take.

Phase One

  • Use our “Find Your Best Rate” tool to price your loan online discretely and anonymously.

If you are currently working with a different company, compare our interest rates and closing fees with your lender.

(To be fair to both parties, make sure you obtain the pricing at the same time; mortgage loan rates and fees can change by the minute.)

If you like what you see, proceed to Phase 2.

Phase Two

  • Provide basic information about yourself either using our online system, or by calling our office at 801-501-7950 to speak to one of our experienced mortgage planners. (If you have any concerns or inquiries that you would like answered immediately, use our online chat tool for your convenience or contact our office.)
  • With your permission, we will run a credit report using the details you provided. (Remember that you can have your credit checked by different mortgage companies within a 30-day time frame without each check affecting your credit score.)
  • We will recommend the best loan strategy based on your situation through email. Along with our recommendation is a list of documents that will be required from you to proceed to the next step.

As long as you are comfortable with our service thusfar, move on to Phase 3.

Phase Three

  • Sign your loan application that was part of your mortgage loan strategy recommendation, and send it back to us. (You can upload it to our site, forward it through email or fax, or mail it to our office.)

  • Submit all of the requested supporting documents in your loan strategy.

  • We will then underwrite your file, and get your initial approval process completed.

Only if you are confident with our services to this point, proceed to Phase 4.

Phase Four

  • We will discuss with you a rate lock plan.

  • After that, we will then order your appraisal.

  • We will then ensure that every underwriting condition is met.

Your loan is ready to close!

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