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Frequently Asked Questions
Is it really possible to do a loan without having to pay closing costs? open question
YES! It is possible, and it can save you money. How No Cost Loans Work
Should I refi or just pay extra on my loan? open question
Most of the time, it makes more sense to refinance. If your main concern is paying as little interest as possible, we can help you get in a 15-year loan and save a ton in interest.
What specialized loan products are offered? open question
Mortgage brokers have access to a wide range of loan products from different lenders, and we can help you find the best loan for your needs and circumstances. Some of the specialized loan products that many mortgage brokers can offer include:
  • No Cost Loans: This is a mortgage strategy where you take a higher interest rate in exchange for a credit that covers some of the loan costs.
  • Portfolio loans: Portfolio loans are mortgage loans that are held and serviced by the lender instead of being sold on the secondary market. These loans may offer more flexible underwriting criteria and loan terms for borrowers with unique financial circumstances. These can be a great alternative if you're seeking alternative financing.
  • Investment property loans: Investment property loans are designed for borrowers looking to purchase a property for investment purposes. These loans may have higher interest rates and fees, and they may have different underwriting criteria than other types of mortgage loans.
How long does it take to close? open question
Our average loan can close in less than 3 weeks if we get documents back quickly. We are so confident that we can close you purchase on time that we have a $5,000 close on time guarantee.
Do I have to put 20% down? open question
No! We have purchase programs that will let you put as little as 3% down. Check out our Find Your Best Rate Tool to see what your monthly payment would be.
How can I know I’m getting a good deal? open question
City Creek has 24/7 live rate quotes. You can check any quote against ours any day of the week! We have nothing to hide
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