What people are saying about us.

“I trust City Creek Mortgage and recommend them to all my family and friends.”

-Emily Ayre

Brinkerhoff Couple

“We have closed over 7 loans with Mike Roberts and have NEVER had any surprises at closing. Our payment and costs have always been to the literal penny of what he quoted. Mike even calls to let us know when rates drop, once again, helping my family’s financial situation improve.”

-Garland and Lynelle Brinkerhoff

“City Creek Mortgage and I go back 11 years. Mike and Tobi are the very best at what they do. They are the most honest and hard-working people I know. I challenge anyone to find a better mortgage company than City Creek Mortgage!!!! I could go on and on how fabulous Mike and Tobi are!!!”

-Jodye Miller

“Mike and the team at City Creek have been taking care of my family for over ten years. We’ve never had a problem, and have appreciated all of the time and attention they have given us. I recently referred two friends to City Creek and they both commented about the great service. It’s nice to know my referral was a good one and that they were taken care of. Thank you City Creek Mortgage!.”

-Amy Mcneil

“We loved our experience with City Creek Mortgage and have complete trust that we are in the best hands possible. What a great and satisfying mortgage experience! Wow! We have never said that before!”

-David and Gretchen Figge

“City Creek was the only company to actually stay in contact with us and they spent the time to fully explain what they have done and what to expect next.”

-Adam Bowers

“Mr. Roberts, when we came to you for help with our mortgage, your team was professional, helpful and friendly. When we have called you for advice you always answer promptly and completely even though taking the time to do so makes you no money. My husband and I frequently discuss the quality of customer service in our area and yours is one of the few companies we respect in that regard! May God bless you and your family, your team and business.”

-Mike and Michelle Lindstrom

“Mike and Tobi are an incredible example of how mortgage companies should be. They are truly concerned about the best for our family and make the whole process less stressful. Mike has gone above and beyond the call of duty many times during the past 8 years on our behalf. They are incredible to work with and anyone in the City Creek family is lucky to have people like them on their side. I’m honored to be in the family.

-Tonya Edvalson

“Honesty, integrity and excellence. Great team players. Able to see the big picture, fun to work with, willing to help others even if there may not be financial gain. Always open for new challenges and opportunities. That pretty much sums up my experience with City Creek Mortgage. I am honored to work with Tobi and Mike and know my clients will always be taken care of or referred to someone who is a better fit.”

-Lyndi Reed, Keller Williams Agent

“I can’t say enough how much Deb and I appreciate everything you have done for us and we look forward to working with you in the near future.”

-Bruce and Debbie Snyder

“I love City Creek Mortgage because Mike was willing to share his time and talent to help Ben and me, even though it was not going to financially benefit him. Sharing his time and talent so willingly will always be fondly remembered and gratefully appreciated!”

-Joani Shaver

“I love City Creek Mortgage because of the integrity of the people who own it and work there. My experience with City Creek was positive from my first meeting with Mike until my loan closed. I really felt everyone was honest and up front and everything was done with my best interest in mind. I would not hesitate a minute to recommend City Creek Mortgage to anyone I know.”

-Jerri Anne Lake

“Mike Roberts and the staff at City Creek Mortgage is the absolute best! We have known Mike for years and he has helped us out more times than I would like to admit. I know that when I need help with a refinance I can go to Mike for help and advice. He is always professional and yet so friendly…and it doesn’t hurt that he is so handsome!!! We have nothing but the utmost respect for Mike and his team. Thanks Mike!”

-Cheryl Knott

“Thanks for all your work in financing our new home. I know it takes a bit more work and effort to get financing for the self-employed and we are happy that you stuck with us.”

-Benjamin and Nalene Dunkley