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Save your employees thousands, all at zero cost to you.

We remove hoops and provide discounts for your employees that buy, refinance, or sell a home through our corporate programs. It's that easy.

What it is

An easier & cheaper way for your employees to buy, refinance, or sell a home.

Now, more than ever, employees are seeking out employers who genuinely care for their people. With our Corporate Savings Program, your employees are eligible to recieve mortgage and refinance reduction benefits. Put money back into the pockets of your employees each month and your people will stay invested in you!

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What's Included

Break room snacks cost money, these benefits are free.

  • $500 Gift Card or Lender Credit

    Reduce closing costs, invest in a home warranty, or buy down interest rates. Your employee can choose!

  • Low interest rates & fees.

    Lower rates means more money for each of your employees.

  • Zero application fees.

    With no application fees, your employees have nothing to lose!

  • Zero up front fees.

    It costs nothing for your employees to explore potential savings.

  • A 5-star experience

    We'll walk your employees through every step of the process. Saving money has never been so easy!

… Did we mention happier employees?

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Even More Benefits

Access to a personalized rate in under 60 seconds. Totally free.

In 60 seconds flat, your employees can calculate personalized rate quotes with their included corporate perk discounts. Best part is, no personal information is required.

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You're about to increase employee happiness at no extra cost to you.

With $0.00 out of your pocket, you have the potential to save your employees thousands! Be the financial hero while keeping money in the pockets of the people who do the same for you. Everyone wins, and it all starts with you!

Benefits Coming to Your Employees

  • $500 Gift Card or Lender Credit
  • Below market interest rates & fees
  • Zero application fees
  • Zero up-front costs
  • 5-star client experience