Close on time. Or WE pay YOU.

Say hello to our $5,000 close on-time guarantee

Your time matters. If we miss the close date stated in the purchase contract, we’ll give you a $5,000 check post-closing.

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Let's say it again for the lawyers

We believe in full transparency

If your mortgage loan application is approved by City Creek Mortgage (“CCMC”) on the original terms requested, CCMC is guaranteeing to close your loan by the date stated in the purchase contract.

If all eligibility requirements (below) are met but your loan does not close by the contract closing date because of something that CCMC did, CCMC will provide monetary compensation in the form of a check for $5,000 post closing. The guaranteed amount can only be paid out once per loan transaction regardless of the number of delays or number of applicants. See more legal terms & condition.

We're also saving you time with rate estimates

Want a personalized rate in under 60 seconds? (For free)

In 60 seconds flat, you can calculate rate quotes personalized to your purchase. Best part is, no personal information is required. Less time finding a rate, more time on the big questions like what color do you want for your cabinets?

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Exclusions from the Guarantee

  • Refinance transactions
  • Loans requiring a mortgage subordination or simultaneous second mortgage
  • Loans with down payment assistance
  • Applicants who have a disputed tradeline or credit account
  • Short sale purchases
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Offer recipients will be responsible for all taxes and fees associated with the receipt of the $5,000 which may be considered miscellaneous income received from City Creek Mortgage.
City Creek Mortgage may be required to send to you, and file with the IRS, a Form 1099-MISC for the year in which you receive this offer. Please consult your tax advisor.